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Testimonials about our service


Dear Carmen.

I writing to thank you for our wonderful trip. We are now home, and we are reflecting on what a memorable time we had.
Your ideas were wonderful, and the arrangements you provided for us was just terrific. Our stay at Manu was an amazing experience, and a highlight of the trip. Our guide Percy was just terrific, and the other couple that were with us, were just lovely.
I would be happy to write a formal recommendation for you to use for other travelers. This trip was truly an experience of a life time, and we feel very fortunate to have found you and to have worked with you.
If you like, I could give you more specific feedback about each of the aspects of our trip, that you might find helpful in planning other trips for other clients.
But generally, the trip was just fantastic !!!!! We enjoyed each and every one of our adventures.

Miriam Schacter & Benjamin Gampel


You are welcome to use my comments for customer testimonial. And, please share my comments with Percy. Finally, I have attached two photos from the Manu Wildlife Center area. I am sure you get many photos, and I've tried to send different photos.

Kind regards,
Marlene Ishihara



Unas pocas lineas para agradecer el excelente servicio recibido.
Debo destacar la atencion recibida por tus representantes en Cusco. Desde ya contarán con nuestras mejores recomendaciones.
Lamentamos no haber contado con mas días para quedarnos en Cusco pero quizá sea motivo para programar una próxima visita.

Gracias por todo,
Héctor y Nora Perdomo



The trip was well done and we enjoyed everything very much. The guides were all exceptional and well informed and knew a great deal about the history as well as the current situations of Peru. They always told us when to be ready, what the schedule was and looked after us in a most caring manner... . Manu is by far one of the most spectacular rain forests in the world. Our guide Alex, was knowledgeable about plants, insects, mammals, weather, rivers, food, ecology, birds, reptiles, and just about everything we encountered. His sense of humor really made everything quite enjoyable and we had many philosophical discussions that kept our minds off the heat. The lodge in Manu is well maintained and the food is great. In fact the food everywhere was excellent.

Debbe and Al Lane



We recently returned from our trip to Peru. It was highly successful, and we saw even more than we had hoped for. Thank you so much for planning the itinerary and ensuring that we were met promptly at each point in our journey.
Good luck in avoiding future hurricanes!

Guy A. Thompson, Jr.


Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had during our Manu Wildlife Center visit. You were wonderful! Your knowledge of the various species of birds, monkeys and other animals was astounding and allowed us to learn quite a bit about what we were seeing. We'll never forget the macaw clay lick and the tapir clay lick experiences. What a wealth of wildlife you exposed us to, and what a keen eye you have to discover it!. We also appreciated your friendliness and enthusiasm. You were very fun to be with, as well as highly informative. Thanks again for the fantastic time we had at Manu. Best,

Ruth and Bill Crawford

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